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That Awkward Moment

February 21, 2012 2 comments

Good morning dear Reader. I’m over at Megan from Best of Fates today. The first time I found Megan’s blog, I thought it was BeStoffAtes or BestOffAtes, so I was excited for poor grammar and lots of food. Instead, what I found was even better: awkward moments and cheese. So join me over at her place as I share awkward parenting moments.



Small Moments Mondays

January 31, 2011 10 comments

Hello readers, I promise to return you to your regularly scheduled programming of dad stories, photos of meat, and other ramblings very soon. But today, I have another guest post to share with you.

Last week, I posted over at Mommy of a Monster and Twins; this week, Nichole from In These Small Moments asked me to post on her feature, Small Moments Mondays. For those of you that liked my, I Love My Wife post, I think you’ll really enjoy this one.

So as you can see, I’ve been getting around as of late, which has been fun, but stressful. For me, guest posting is similar to cleaning your house. When it comes to your own house, you live with the motto “it’s good enough”: you learn to live with a certain level of messiness and while certain, lingering stains bother you, they don’t annoy you enough to clean them up. When others are coming over, however, the motto is “Aw hecks naw they’re not gonna see my dirty boxers air drying in the bathroom or things soaking in the sink this mess”: you throw everything in the closet to give the appearance of cleanliness clean like crazy. So it was a lot of fun, but I’m glad to focus on this here blog again.

Anywho, Click Here and give it a read.

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I’m a Monster Daddy

January 26, 2011 21 comments

So I’m 2 days late on posting a link to my guest post that ran on Monday. My excuse is that I’ve been traveling for work and I’ve been having too much fun watching TV, eating hotel conference food, and generally being kidless. Actually, I miss my family like crazy and can’t wait to see the family later this evening. If I can make it. Apparently, there’s a bad snow storm that came through the DMV overnight and you know how I feel about snow + the DMV.Where was I?

Oh right. My guest post. So Natalie from Mommy of a Monster and Twins asked me to guest post on a time I really screwed up as a parent. Just one?! My daddy screwups are like bowel movements for me – I have at least one a day, and on some days, I have multiple.

So head on over and read about the monster of a daddy I am. And if you’re a new parent, you’re gonna want to read until the end.

Click Here

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