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I’ve Fallen and I Can Get Up

August 10, 2010 23 comments

Not sure what it is, but I seem to be on a TGIF kick lately.

One of my favorite shows was Family Matters.

Love that clip, especially two moments: when Urkel adjusts his glasses and the cheer, which I still remember to this day (Give me a V! V! You got yo V, you got yo V!) One of Steve Urkel’s catchphrases was, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.”

Well, I’ve fallen off the working out horse. Bad. My last workout I documented on my blog was in May. I did a few workouts at home and went on a few runs since, but the only working out I did in June and July was leading worship, lifting my fork or chopsticks to my face, and picking up and carrying an 8lb baby.

While visiting friends, I was holding D2 in an upright position in my left arm. During the conversation, I start to feel wetness on my chest. I figure D2 spit up but when I look down, I see D2 is attempting to nurse through my shirt. My friends laughed, as did I, but when I got home, I had some real reflecting to do.

Although I stayed at the same weight (197), I’d lost significant amounts of muscle. Not to mention the moobs/mitties I was now sporting (sadly, mitties isn’t a cute word for teeny, tiny mittens) that D2 thought she could get milk out of.

Working out can be quite the battle because of what I call the Temple Principle. Jesus said He would tear down the temple and rebuild it in 3 days, which is a 3:1 ratio of building to tearing down time. It took me roughly 9 months of lifting to get to where I was; it took less than 3 to bring me back to where I was a year ago.

Additionally, with my lifestyle, I have to make a concerted effort to exercise. When we had guests from Thailand over, this was the gist of one conversation we had:

Me: I haven’t been to the gym in a while
Guest: What’s a gym?
Me: It’s where I go to exercise.
Guest: Oh, can we go too?
Me: Oh. You have to pay to get in.
Guest: You have to pay to go somewhere to exercise?
Me: Yes.
Guest: It’s pretty cheap, right?
Me: Actually, it’s quite expensive. Like a couple bucks a day.
Guests: Well, I guess that’s not too bad. I mean, you go everyday, right?
Me: Actually…

So yeah, even though I pay for it, working out isn’t a regular part of my day unless I make it.

As I stood on the scale and looked in the mirror, I felt remorse and sadness for a moment, and then I heard a voice in my head: Go, appa, go! No time to feel sorry for myself, it’s time to get back up. Sorry, Urkel – I’ve fallen, but I can get up.

So I headed back to the gym last Friday. I decided to start small (135lb squat, 135lb bench) but it sure didn’t feel small. I did stronglifts workout A and jogged on the treadmill for 10 minutes at 6mph. I want to say it felt great, but it felt terrible.

The next day, I was pretty sore but not terribly so. My brother-in-law and some friends were going to play basketball, so I decided to join in. Turns out, I was the oldest one in the group by far – sporting a wedding ring and bags under my eyes from D2’s sleep patterns immediately makes you an old man in their eyes. I’m in my late 20’s but there is a decidedly visible difference between late and early 20’s when you’re playing sports. Most notably, while the young guns were running up and down the length of the court, I mostly jogged back and forth between the 3-point lines and heaved up ill-advised three pointers that elicited groans.

The following day, I was so sore. Every time I had to move, I had to muster up a bit of courage to do so. Little muscles near my groin that I never knew existed were sore and turns out they play a vital role in walking. I dreaded each and every sneeze because my ab(s) hurt.

It was a terrible few days but the soreness has subsided and it’s time to hit the gym again.

So here’s a cheer for you, my fat and moobs: You don’t want none of Pop. Do ya?! Do ya?! Do Ya?! Do Ya?! Do Ya?! Do Ya?! No, I don’t think so.

Go, Pop, Go!

What motivates you to get back or stay on the horse?

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Workout (4.22.10)

April 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Squats: 185 5×5

Overhead Press: 95 5×5

Deadlift: 200 3×5

Chinups: 3/3/3

Planks: 3 x 1min

It’s been more than 3 months since I injured my ankle and I’ve pretty much regained all the weight I’ve lost since last summer. 😛 The tendons in my ankle are still a bit messed up, so it looks like it’ll be some time before I can run full out again. No workouts + eating lots of tasty foods = fat Pop. I refuse to gain the last 8lbs that would put me at 203 – my weight after returning from our trip to Asia last summer, so it’s time to get back to it! My goals for the next 3 months:

  1. Hit the gym for stronglifts at least twice/week, preferably 3 times/week
  2. Eat a healthy breakfast and lunch, and like Tommy Lasorda used to say: “A sensible dinner”
  3. I ordered the Vibram Five Finger KSOs (on backorder) and they should be coming in soon. I’m going to try to go for short jogs and hopefully the tendons in my ankle will get better and I’ll be able to run again soon

By sticking to these goals, I hope to be at 185lbs and feeling as good as I was back in January by the time Baby #2 arrives in a few months.

Injury Update

February 26, 2010 4 comments

So I got a CT Scan done a week ago and the report came back to my podiatrist this week. I went in to see him yesterday and turns out that instead of a talus fracture, I have an accessory bone – something similar to this. So while it looked like a break on the x-ray


turns out it’s just another bone. Or it could be that the break healed?

The puzzling thing is, why didn’t he order the CT scan earlier? Ah well, I’m just glad I’m on my way to a full recovery.

So today I began my first session of physical therapy. I had an ultrasound done to reduce the swelling, a massage, and the therapist showed me some stretches and exercises.

Turns out that

  1. My Achilles are very tight – I strained both my Achilles back in 6th grade and never really took of them. In my uninjured ankle, I’m supposed to be able to bend it about 20 degrees; I can only bend about 12.5. My injured ankle was much worse at 5 degrees.
  2. My hamstrings are also very tight.
  3. My hip flexors are also tight.

In summary: I NEED TO STRETCH!

The therapist sure knows how to keep people wanting more b/c he didn’t show me all the stretches or exercises b/c he said he wants to build them up later. Asked if he could just show them to me now so that I can try them later on when I get stronger, he replied he’ll show me at my next visit. Not what I was hoping for since every time I go I have to cough up the $30 co-pay.

Ah well, I’m going to milk it and make sure I get my hip flexors worked on too so that I can get full range of motion on my squats.

Injury Update

January 29, 2010 4 comments

So one week later, swelling has gone down a bit; I already had cankles to begin with so it’s hard to tell. The pain is tolerable most of the time – every now and then, blood will rush to the joint and it’ll hurt quite a bit. Saw the doctor again today, he said it looks fine so far and he’ll be doing a follow-up x-ray in 2 weeks to see if the bone has set properly. If not, he’ll have to dig in there and fish it out. 😯

I did manage to get a copy of my x-ray from last week:

Ankle x-ray 1.22.10

If you look just above the heel, you’ll see the break. Pretty clean break and it’s in place, so the doctor thinks it should heal just fine. He says it’s still gonna be a solid 4-6 week recovery, which is disappointing as I was hoping to have Wolverine-like healing skills.

So what is Pop doing?

  1. Resting it as much as possible – Doc said not to put weight on it. Whoops;-)
  2. Elevating it when I can
  3. Limiting protein intake – apparently inhibits calcium absorption
  4. Increasing milk and leafy green intake – calcium
  5. Not taking Anti-inflammatory drugs – yes, the swelling sucks, but I read numerous articles on how they can inhibit healing
  6. Using crutches – no more walking around w/ just the boot
  7. Asking baby momma to help out a lot 😀

Update: Here’s Madden’s version of the above picture:


Goals Deferred

January 22, 2010 5 comments

Sprained my ankle yesterday playing bball. I was on a fastbreak and my feet got tangled w/ a defender’s. Despite hearing a *pop*, the adrenaline kicked in and I walked it off; I even thought I could go back to playing. An oddity about myself is that I have fairly resilient joints. I’ve rolled/sprained/twisted my ankle many times, esp. playing basketball, but then I just tie my shoelaces tight and I can go back to playing within minutes, so I figured it would be fine. It wasn’t.

I got home and for the first time ever, my ankle swelled. I attribute this to the fact that I was running full speed when I rolled on it. Anywho, thankfully we had all kinds of ankle support gear in the house b/c my wife fractured her ankle a year and a half ago. So I am currently rockin the Mega Boot:

The Mega Boot

Going to head to the doctor later today and hope to get an x-ray. Needless to say, my workout goals are deferred. Hopefully not too long though.

Update: Just got back from the doctor and turns out I broke the posterior of the talus. Basically, the tibia crushed the talus and a small piece on the back end broke off. Doctor says immobilization for 4-6 weeks. 😦 On a bright note, the crutches say I’m 5’9″! WOOT! I always thought I was 5’8″! Additionally, he gave me a new, pneumatic boot! Check out the Mega Boot Pump!

The Mega Boot Pump!

Sadly, they didn’t offer me x-rays, nor did I know that I can request them, but I’ll make sure to get them when I go back in a week or so.

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Workout (1.9.10)

January 11, 2010 4 comments

Worked out at my friend’s home gym, where I’m usually able to push myself a bit more b/c I’m afraid they’ll point and laugh I feel encouraged.

Squats: 145 5×5, 155 1×5
ROM (range of motion) is getting much better as a result of stretching
Bench: 165 5×5
Shoulder felt stiff after doing this. May need to back off the weights for bench and OH press
Clean: 125 5×5
Mixed in some OH presses b/c I figured since I already reaggravated my shoulder, I may as well do a heavily loaded OH press one more time.
Pushups: 30/12/21
I sucked it up the second set but my friend reminded me I did 21 the last time, so I made that my goal
Reverse Crunch: 3×12

So it looks like my goals are going to have to be delayed a bit due to my shoulder:

Squat: 275 (145lbs w/ good depth)
Deadlift: 275 (240lbs)
Bench: 225 (165lbs, but will be moving back down)
Press: 155 (115, but will be moving back down)

Weight: Between 175-180lbs

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