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A Letter to My Son: Your Baptism

April 2, 2013 Leave a comment

Dear Son,

On March 31, 2013, Easter Sunday, you were baptized. It was far less harrowing for me than your circumcision. I’ve mostly gotten over that, though I did feel very apologetic for a while – much like I was when we had our dog neutered when I was in high school and it felt like every look he gave me was, “How could you let them do that to me?”

Your day began when I gave you a bath on Sunday morning, which you still really hate. You’re losing a lot of your chub and although I REALLY REALLY miss your rolls, I don’t miss the cheese I’d often find lurking within said rolls. So aside from you now actively trying to escape the tub, bathing you is far simpler.

We then dressed you in your transport clothes – as any parent with multiple children knows, you never transport your kids to an important event in the clothes you want them to be wearing at that event – and headed to church. Once there, we dressed you in the tuxedo onesie mommy made for you. Grandma and grandpa on mommy’s side were there, but grandma and grandpa on daddy’s side had to be at their church for Easter Sunday.

Daddy shared briefly with the congregation on what your name means and the significance of your baptism. There tends to be disagreement regarding infant baptism but for us, it basically means we will do our best to raise you in a loving, Christian home and when you’re old enough, you can decide if you want to confirm your faith. I also joked to the congregation:

“Don’t let that adorable look on his face fool you folks – I assure you he is a sinful, selfish being, and he needs Jesus.”

It was a joke, but there is some truth in there that mommy and I desire that you live your life for something more than just yourself.

When our pastor sprinkled water over your head and laid hands to pray for you, first you pushed her hands away, then you grabbed her hands and started clapping them for her, then you tried to eat her hand (you do this with EVERYTHING), then you started clapping her hands for her again. I know I should’ve been closing my eyes during the prayer but it was hilarious. And people in the congregation found it hilarious too – as the prayer continue the laughter was increasing as more and more people were opening their eyes to look.

So that was your baptism. It doesn’t mean you’re saved nor does it mean you’re forced to stay a Christian. It was mommy and daddy’s way of saying to God, our family, and church that we will do all we can to raise you with Christian values, and our hope is that the way mommy and daddy live out our faiths will be a testimony to you.

You’re almost a year old now and you’ve brought and continue to bring so much joy to our lives.


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