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Ant Problem Solved

June 11, 2010 17 comments

Buying a home is an exciting experience. That is until you realize that you not only signed away your life for 30 years but you’ve also gotta take care of it. Actually, that almost sounds like becoming a parent. Anywho, that home you thought seemed so perfect doesn’t seem so perfect anymore and you start to notice things about it that bother you and that you want to upgrade or fix. Actually, that almost sounds like the reality that smacked my wife in the face after she said, “I do.” Anywho, prior to home ownership, I used to spend my weekends tackling a To Do list, which usually consisted of unwinding from a week of work through a variety of activities most likely centered around food and beverages, surrounded by people I loved. After purchasing our home, I spent my weekends tackling a Honey Do list: painting, installing a new thermostat, replacing the garbage disposal (my nose hairs singed from that experience have yet to grow back), unclogging bathtubs (bad enough in and of itself, even worse when you’re pulling out hair from previous owners), fixing this, fixing that. We also had things break on us: our dishwasher, the wax sealing ring on the 1st floor bathroom that leaked onto the basement bathroom, and parts of our porch among others. And worst of all, there were strange odors left behind (thank You, God for the man or woman who created Febreze).

After a year or so of constantly battling our home, we reached a happy medium. Sure there were things that still bothered us, but we learned to live with them. We were happy with our home and we lived in relative tranquility. And then came the ants.

Not just ants, but hundreds of tiny little ants crawling all over our home. The strange thing was, they weren’t going to any food sources; they just seemed to enjoy strolling around our living room. I looked high and low for the reason they chose to invade our home but there was no good reason. No food. No sugar. No water. No dried up juice. To make matters worse, I couldn’t find where they were coming from. I asked my neighbors and some of them were having an issue as well and were having difficulty controlling them. But these ants don’t know me very well.

When I was a kid, my friends and I used to love killing those little caterpillars because they bled green, which we thought was slime. I hated when flies came in the house and while I wasn’t as awesome as Mr. Miyagi, I did swat flies with a vengeance. I hated mosquitoes so much that I would often go outside, do some jumping jacks to get some sweat going, and then kill the mosquitoes that would try to bite me. I never killed a lightning or lady bug though.

So you bet it was on. Initially, I tried just stomping on ’em and trying to wipe out their scent (I learned that part from A Bug’s Life). Nope. I tried several natural methods (orange peels, cayenne pepper, flour, and Vaseline). Nope. So I tried several ant baits but they didn’t seem to do anything. And then I found this:

Terro-fying for Ants

Terro Liquid Ant Baits (about $6.50 at Lowe’s or Home Depot). To give you an idea of what happened next, imagine a massive supply of Schlitz or Natty Light and pizza was set out in the middle of campus. Now imagine what the convergence of college students would look like. The ants tore through all six baits in no time. And then *poof* they were gone.

We later had these massive ants that were crawling over our porch. This is what happened.

I’m not sure if these ants were too fat or dumb to get out of the trap and take the bait back to their colony. After a few days, we had no more ants, and it stayed this way for about 2 years.

A few days ago, the small ants came back. And you bet I got some more Terro liquid ant bait. For you parents or pet owners out there, make sure you monitor the traps. The active ingredient isn’t that harmful but you certainly don’t want to expose them to it. Today, all the ants are gone.

If you’ve got an ant problem, I highly recommend Terro if no other methods are working. If you’re an expert on ants, I’d love to hear any other recommendations you have for future battles I may have.

Hope you have a great, ant-free, weekend!