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Workout (5.12.10)

Alright, time to break up these food posts with a workout log. I’m still keeping up with the stronglifts program, and although I’m getting stronger, all this BBQing is making sure I don’t lose any weight. So I decided to add in cardio to my workouts. Even with 15 minutes of cardio, the entire workout takes no more than an hour.

Squats: 235 5×5 – I’m more or less at my peak for squats. I refuse to be spotted for squats, simply because I’m not too fond of a man’s junk being so close to my butt, but that’s just me…so I’ll probably stay at 235 for a while.

Overhead Press: 120 5×5 – Now that these are getting tougher, I look like I’m taking the dump to end all dumps when I’m doing these.

Deadlift: 215×5

Chinups: 3/3/3

Planks: 3 x 1min

Cardio: Arc Trainer + Treadmill for 15 minutes and calculated calories burned: 200

Midweek Weigh-In: 196lbs. And that’s after having gone to the gym regularly the last few weeks. 😛

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