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Workout (4.20.10)

Nearly two weeks since my last workout and I’d put on close to five pounds in that time since we were hosting guests for the better part of that span. I was feeling terribly lethargic and wanted to pass on the gym. On the drive to the gym, I determined that I would squat 225 for a few reasons:

1) You know how coaches punish players after a particularly bad loss and make them do wind sprints, up-downs, etc…? After 13 days of fattiness, Pop needed some discipline.
2) I used to squat 315 – albeit a 1/2 squat at best – and 225 was my warmup weight, so I knew I’d likely not injure myself if I stayed focused on form. Since I was so tired, I figured nothing would wake me up quicker than my survival instincts. Standing under a weight that could cause serious injury if I wasn’t completely focused would wake me up and get the adrenaline flowing, which would also help my other lifts since I wasn’t planning on moving down on any of them.
3) I haven’t squatted 225 in a while…I kinda missed it.

My logic is probably ridiculous to you, dear reader, but to me, it made perfect sense…and in fact, I had a fantastic workout!

Squats: 225 5×5

Bench Press: 160 5×5 – the heavy squats got my testosterone and adrenaline pumping and these felt GREAT!

Inverted Rows: 7/7/7

Pushups: 31/19/17 – My goal was to do one more rep on each set than the last time – I collapsed after the last rep.

Reverse Crunches: 3 x 12

Being a cube dweller for 40 hours a week, my posture gets really bad and my energy levels are generally pretty low. My daughter is getting incredibly active now, so it’s imperative for me to get into shape so that I can run around and dance with her. Go, Pop, Go!

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