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We went to Ocean City last week and it was a memorable trip.

On the drive out there, despite being her nap time, my daughter didn’t want to sleep b/c she was so excited. When we were about 30 miles out, we gave her a piece of bread to satiate her. My wife looks back five minutes later and she is passed out but the piece of bread is still firmly grasped in her hand.

When we got to the hotel, my wife and I were exhausted since we nearly pulled an all-niter to get her national boards done; my daughter had other ideas. We closed the shades so that the room was dark and told our daughter it was nap time…to no avail. She sang, kicked and elbowed me repeatedly as she was tossing and turning, and carried on. Stubbornly, my wife and I continued trying to sleep for the next hour, but finally, we decided to get up. Oh, how I miss the days of vacationing on our own. 😛

The weather was miserable on Tuesday – no wonder they were practically giving the room away during offseason. Cold, rainy, windy. We ended up eating at Bonfire buffet for $10/person thanks to the $40 restaurant vouchers we got from the hotel and the $20 buffet w/ the purchase of a drink special. And then we came back and slept. Ahhhhh, gotta love vacations!

My wife and I never did the whole co-sleeping thing, but for this trip we decided to share the king-sized bed, mostly b/c I didn’t want to pack her Pack and Play. For those that did/do, more power to you, but I think it’s a terrible idea. Yes, having the entire family in bed may look cute, but my daughter moves about quite a bit while she sleeps. In particular, she likes to end up perpendicular to my wife and I so she ends up kicking me and drooling on my wife.

There’s a story in the Strawberry Shortcake Treasury where the characters go to the beach. So the next morning, my daughter wakes up and I open the shades to show her the beach and she goes, “It’s the BEACH! Where Angel Cake, Strawberry Shortcake, Huck, Orange Blossom, and Ginger Snap went!” She was pretty disappointed when we went down to the beach and she didn’t see her favorite characters.

We ordered chicken quesadillas for my daughter and it’s her new favorite food. My wife borrowed a kid’s cookbook from the library and one of the recipes is for corn quesadilla. So the following day, I asked my daughter what she wanted to eat and she said corn quesadilla. This continued up until yesterday.

My daughter hated the sand. She didn’t mind sitting in it and playing with it – she even ate some of it – but she hated walking on it.

My daughter enjoyed her first funnel cake, though she enjoyed the tiny crunchy bits much more than the actual cake. We got the powdered sugar on the side and told her it’s for adults only. I wonder when the This Is Only For Adults card can no longer be used?

We went to the Ocean City library and it was PACKED. They had a really nice section for kids. Of course, my daughter absolutely loved it. NERD ALERT!

At Nick’s House of Ribs, my daughter plowed through an entire quarter chicken (dark) by herself. A carnivore just like ol’ dad.

We went to Marshall’s – one of my wife’s favorite places to go. In fact, every time we go to the beach, we end up going to a Marshall’s.

My wife and I wrote cards for each other that were to be opened on our 10-year anniversary. We also wrote a card for my daughter to open at the same time – she’ll be 7! Wow…typing that out just scared the crap out of me…

I saw a shirt for D.A.D.D.: Dads Against Daughters Dating. I should’ve bought some.

We decided to rent a surrey. Bad idea. Pregnant Wife + Daughter who is way too young to pedal = sore quads for dad the next day.

My wife had a hankering for Jelly Belly’s and she ate them in private.

At Rita’s my daughter was happily eating water ice and then she starts crying in pain, and saying Aiya (ow). We deduced that it was her first brain freeze. It was hilarious.

All in all, it was a wonderful vacation. For you newbie parents out there, here’s a bit of unsolicited advice from Pop. As a disclaimer, I’m far from being an expert and this is just anecdotal evidence based on a sample size of one, so take it with a grain of salt.

I know the first few months, your number one goal is to get your baby to sleep regularly – mostly b/c if your baby is not, you’re not either. So I know many parents who are pretty strict about their schedule and routine. Problem is, that baby is going to need that routine and schedule as they get older as well, so if you want to do some traveling, you’re more or less going to be suffering b/c your baby won’t sleep. My wife and I stuck to a basic routine but we ended up doing things that we could do anywhere, e.g., I sing God is so good to her every night and pat her on the back, and we didn’t stick strictly to a routine.

This wasn’t entirely by our own volition either. My wife and I are pretty involved at our church, and that meant we’d get home some nights at 10 or 11pm after college group meetings. And while it was tough to get her to sleep without a strict routine, she became pretty accustomed to sleeping in different places and at different times. This allowed us to take a vacation to Rehoboth, a trip to Thailand and Korea, and other overnight trips without a second thought.

So if traveling is important to you, this may be something you want to consider.

  1. April 6, 2010 at 8:38 am

    Haha first brain freeze

    • Pop
      April 6, 2010 at 8:59 am

      Yeah, it was pretty funny. So now, whenever she eats something cold, she says, “You have to eat it slow or you will AIYA!”

  1. April 6, 2010 at 8:33 am
  2. April 7, 2010 at 9:48 am

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