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Sesame Street Music Player Review

When it comes to buying books, my wife and I are all about thrift stores. However, there are some books that our daughter has LOVED, either through borrowing from the library or reading at a friend’s house, that we end up buying from Amazon, e.g., Can You Say Peace and Dodsworth in Paris. The most recent one we purchased was the Sesame Street Music Player 40th Anniversary Collector’s Edition.

Amazon says it’s a board book, but the pages aren’t. The music player has “CDs”, that play a list of songs sequentially when inserted. The CDs themselves don’t do very much – they simply have a ridge that presses down on a specific button on the inside of the music player, which tells the player which songs to play. So if you were to lose a disk–which is probably pretty likely with a toddler–you could probably use some masking tape to hold the desired button down.

The music player requires 2-AA batteries, which are included. Each disc has 6 songs (4 discs = 24 songs total), and you have to go through the songs in order and you can’t repeat a song, which is kind of a bummer since my daughter likes certain songs more than others.

The songs are simply instrumental tracks with one of the instruments playing the melody of the song, so if you’re not much of a singer, this book’s probably going to be of little value to you – unless your child enjoys hearing you hum. My wife sings pretty well and she watched a ton of Sesame Street growing up, so it works out for her. I on the other hand, can barely hold a tune and am unfamiliar with some of the songs, but my wife gets a kick out of me trying.

This is currently my daughter’s favorite book and she immediately asks for us to read it when we get home. And there’s something wonderful about hearing my daughter singing the same songs I did growing up. I’m pretty much opposed to a lot of the current things kids are into, such as Hannah Montana and The Suite life of Zack and Cody…they just don’t seem to be as awesome or wholesome* as Sesame Street, Captain Kangaroo, Reading Rainbow, and pretty much any other show I grew up on. So it brings a smile to my face when my daughter sings, “Sunny day…sweepin the clouds away!”

Ahhhh, nostalgia!

*Although Chappelle has a pretty funny bit about Sesame Street (Get a job grouch!).

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