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Being a Pop Rocks!

Recently, my wife borrowed The Berenstein Bears and Too Much Junk Food from the library since people at church were in the habit of giving our daughter candy. While reading the book, we told her that eating too much candy is bad b/c your teeth will rot and it’ll hurt.

We were at Annapolis Mall the other day–our favorite mall in the area post baby–and we walked by the big candy display thing near the food court. My daughter runs up to it and I’m horrified b/c I think she’s going to try and grab some candy…instead, she exclaims, “Don’t eat candy! Your teeth will rot and then you’ll go OW!”

Yesterday, my wife was preparing dinner and my daughter begins to sing:

Batteries one day in your courts, batteries one day in your house…

It took my wife a while to figure out what she was singing and turns out she was singing:

Earlier this week, my daughter rubs my belly and this was the exchange:

Daughter: appa has a baby.
Me: no I don’t.
Daughter: you do. It’s small.
Me: no I don’t.
Daughter: you do. It’s small.

And this is why I work out 😛

Being a Pop rocks!

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