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Straight Cash – Part 2

We are now 18 days into the cash challenge. Week 1 wasn’t too bad; weeks 2-2.5 have been tougher.

  • Going with South America’s suggestion, my wife and I decided to penalize ourselves whenever we needed to use a credit card. We modified his suggestion though: we multiplied the amount charged to our credit card by 110% and we will be adding that to our tithe for the month. Currently, that amount stands at $90 b/c I had to buy stuff from Amazon for my dad’s shop. The cost difference in buying from other retailers – both online and B&M – was significantly greater than the 110% “penalty.” Note: the penalty was instated after I ordered $150 in grill parts.
  • Speaking of Amazon, the only way to obtain an Amazon gift card with cash is a Coin Star machine. If much of your online purchases are through Amazon, going straight cash is going to be very difficult for you.
  • Through a pre-approval process where we discussed the matters beforehand, my wife and I did decide to give ourselves 2 Use Your Credit Card Free passes: 1) I took some members of the praise team out to dinner after a sound conference – I didn’t feel comfortable carrying around $100+. 2) I went in to work down my gym membership and was willing to pay 2 years in full if I could get the price down to $800 for the both of us. Since there’s a daily ATM limit, I’d need to go to my bank.  My gym is 2 miles from my house; my bank is 15 miles in the opposite direction.
  • I still think Credit Card companies are evil, but after using them extensively for 7 years, living without it is pretty inconvenient.
  • Once again, not having money makes it tough to buy things. For example, late last week, I was down to my last few bucks for food for the week. I was at McD’s for lunch (GIVE ME THAT FISH!) and after ordering 2 filet o’fish, I found I only had $2.07; the total was $2.10. I had to order one less fish, which was better for me anyway.
  • So far, we’ve stayed far under budget every week. This is mostly due to the fact that we keep leaving the house without money.

Next week should be very challenging! We have my mother-in-law and my father’s birthdays coming up. And the following week, we plan on going on a small trip somewhere to celebrate our 5-year anniversary.

Has anyone else gone w/out using credit cards? How was your experience?

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