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Hi Little Powerful Goldfish

You are one active baby! Your sister was pretty active too, but you seem to be attending aerobics classes in there or something. Mom says that it feels like there’s a goldfish swimming inside, except that it’s really powerful.

In just over 3 months, life is going to change drastically for all of us. You’re no longer going to be swimming around in amniotic fluid; mom’s going to have to breastfeed again; your sister is going to have to share her room with you; and I’m going to have to remember how to hold a baby again and what it feels like to go without 8 straight hours of sleep for weeks at a time. That sounds terrible, but it’s really not. Things might be uncomfortable, but that’s ok. If you only focus on your comfort, you’re going to be one selfish person, and you’ll end up living alone and the only things that will tolerate you will be cats.

So your mom and you have gotten pretty huge since I last wrote. At that time, mom was in between the “Is she getting really fat?” and “OMG! She’s SO pregnant” stages; now, she’s definitely pregnant. So idiotically, daddy said, “Wow. Honey. You are getting HUGE! I mean, last week, you were kinda big…but this week, you’re huge!” to her. If you’re a boy, take note son: don’t say stuff like that. You may think you’re making a keen and helpful observation, but in reality, you are an example of why God decided man needed a helper. And that’s not even the worst thing I’ve ever said.

One time, while we were dating, mommy and I were at Ocean City with friends. We were swimming and then I decide to pick her up in the water. I then remarked, “Wow, honey! You’re so light underwater!” Once again, I thought I was making a keen and helpful observation, but in reality, I’m an idiot. You see, son, there’s this inconvenient thing called implied meaning. For example, if I said to someone, “Wow! This is the best homemade meal I’ve ever had,” and your mom is within earshot, I am implying that her meals aren’t good. And you might think you can make amends later by saying, “Oh come on, honey. I was just being nice,” but realize there’s no return policy with words, so when in doubt, shut the mouth.

If you are a girl, you pretty much don’t need to worry about everything I just said. Just please be gracious to your husband. That’s right…I said husband. Boys, and especially teenage boys, deserve no grace and mercy, and in fact are evil creatures who deserve nothing more than to be ignored. And if a boy asks if you want to play doctor, that’s slang for I’m going to punch you in the face, so run away like there’s no tomorrow. And make sure to get a good view of the boy so that you can describe him in detail for daddy.

Now…what was I talking about…oh right…mommy’s getting huge. I mean, you’re getting bigger. The other night, you were incredibly active and it looked like you were doing cardio kickboxing or something, and then mommy woke up sore. Take it easy in there kid; you still have 3 months to go. Mommy’s probably going to have to visit her chiropractor soon b/c her back is starting to ache.

Your sister’s at a rather challenging point right now. She’s starting to learn that she likes and dislikes certain things, and b/c she’s pretty vocal, she makes it known. She’ll even say in Korean, “I don’t like dad.” Mostly b/c I like to bother her when she’s doing things. But she’s also at an incredibly fun stage. She’s soaking things up and cracks mommy and daddy up with the things she says. The other day at church, someone shouted, “FAIL!” and your sister followed suit. Everyone had a good laugh.

We’re still struggling with coming up with your name. Sometimes, dad wishes it was like Biblical times where, if you were a boy, I could simply name you Barpop, which means son of pop. Of course, not knowing whether you’re a boy or a girl complicates matters, but hopefully we’ll find a name that fits you.

Alright kiddo! Enjoy recycling the amniotic fluid!


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  1. stephen yang
    March 16, 2010 at 3:21 pm

    sigh.. yes, offspring of Pop, if you are a boy, try as much as possible not to talk around girls while you’re in your formative years.

  1. May 26, 2010 at 10:39 am
  2. July 7, 2010 at 9:03 am

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