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Pop’s Remorse

With Baby #2 on the way for us, and several of our friends also expecting, I thought it’d be good to share items that we bought that Pop feels serious remorse about buying. The 7th edition of  Baby Bargains was more or less our Buyble but we still bought things that ended up being about as useful as a poopy flavored lollipop.

Useless Item #1: Fisher-Price Rainforest Healthy Care High Chair

This chair takes up a lot of space even when it’s folded. With a kitchen as small as ours, this turned out to be useless. We later bought a Fisher-Price booster seat and that’s what we’ve used ever since.

Useless Item #2: Diaper Champ

Maybe it’s b/c I was expecting the worst, but my daughter’s poop the first few months didn’t smell too bad. Don’t get me wrong – I wasn’t like Mary Katherine Gallagher and *sniff* smelling them like this – but I wasn’t horrified by the odor, especially in comparison to now when my daughter creates biological warfare in her Pampers.

The problem with any diaper pail is the false sense of security they give you. Yes, they work very well at keeping odors in, but remember, eventually, you’re going to have to get them out of your house. I’ll never forget the nose hairs I lost that fateful day I emptied the Diaper Champ for the first time. You don’t forget your first kiss and you certainly don’t forget your first whiff of poop-that-has-been-festering-for-a-week-in-a-container delight.

A trash can with a lid worked perfectly fine until she started solids. Thankfully, our trash collection is 2x/week. And even if you diaper trash is only 25% full, DUMP IT OUT! Trust me.

And when they start solids, my wife and I usually flush the poop before throwing out the diaper.

Useless Item #3: Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer

Some people swear by these things; I swear at it. The toy bar is way too low, so after a few months, my daughter was kicking the bird and monkey. Storage is a pain too.

Useless Item #4: Baby Shoes

Confession: I spent a crap ton of money on baby shoes on Ebay b/c they were so cute. Most of them, my daughter never wore b/c her feet grew so quickly. I bought them b/c I wanted her to look cute when we went out, which she did. What wasn’t cute was having to take off her shoes every time I changed her diaper.

With my newfound interest in barefoot running, it’s Robeez all the way for my kids.

Some items that we decided not to buy that others have found useless:

  1. Diaper Wipe Warmer – the world is a cold, cruel place. Best to get Junior aware of that with some nice, cold wipes. 😛 But seriously, if cold wipes are a concern, warm them with your hands – you’re going to need to wash your hands afterward anyway, right?
  2. Glider – they’re really nice but super expensive. Poangs from Ikea work pretty well.
  3. Changing Table – after a while, you’ll find you’re changing diapers anywhere and everywhere.

Do you have buyer’s remorse for any baby items you’ve purchased?

  1. southamerica
    March 1, 2010 at 5:35 pm

    Hilarious reviews Chinese boy!!

    • Pop
      March 2, 2010 at 10:04 am

      Naaaah Chinese Boy! It’s over THERE!!!!

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