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Snow Crazy

February 5, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Dear Marylanders,

It’s going to be ok! I promise. Now give me that last gallon of milk or else.


P.S. you probably wouldn’t need 12 rolls of toilet paper over a 3 day period if you didn’t buy 10 loaves of bread and 8 gallons of milk.
Dear UMCP,

When I was in school you never closed, not even for

  1. 9/11
  2. A tornado, during which two students lost their lives and we lost the North Woods Buffet 😦
  3. Hurricane Isabel
  4. Ridiculous amounts of snow, which made much of the parking lots inaccessible

And now you close for an anticipated blizzard? You’re pampering the current Terps!

Wag of the Finger,

P.S. Da nuh nuh Nuuuuuh NUH HEY! YOU SUCK!
Dear Target, Wal-Mart, and other B&M Stores,

So it’s no secret that an increasing number of people are taking their shopping needs online, but it’s exactly in instances like this where you guys could make a KILLING! We can’t purchase sleds and snow shovels online that would arrive in time, so when I head out to pickup a shovel and a sled, what do I find?! SWIM GOGGLES?!?!?! Seriously?! We’re expecting a blizzard and you’re stocking swimwear? So if we want things we need now, we go online; but if we want things we’ll need in 2-3 months, we head to a B&M? How does this make any sense?!


P.S. You may want to tell your customer service folks that saying, “No, we don’t have sleds or gloves or boots or anything you might remotely need…but we do have bathing suits,” doesn’t really help.
Dear Chinese Carryouts,

I salute you and your brave workers who will drive through anything to deliver a minimum $15 order within a certain radius. You all are godsends.

Dear Papa John’s,

From one Pop to another, I gotta ask…since your usual Super Bowl/Football game wait times are nearly 2 hours, and your snow wait times are 2 hours, if I order my pizza today, will I receive it by Sunday?


P.S. Can you change your Redskin’s special to something else? I almost feel like we PPJ lovers get punished on Monday’s b/c our team scores less than a high school kid with acne and a well-publicized STD.

Well, it looks like we’re ready to get snowed-in. The wife and I made a delicious chicken tikka masala last night, and we made slow cooker smoked pulled beef brisket (say that 3 times fast), so I plan on posting those recipes over the weekend – if we have power that is. Come on BGE! Actually, let’s do a good-luck letter.

Dear BGE,

Thanks in advance for being awesome and keeping power flowing for the entire duration of the blizzard of 2010.


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